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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist: 9 Tips to Help You Prepare

Prepare your home for the winter months with this helpful home maintenance ... Read full story ›

Steam Radiator vs. Forced Hydronic Baseboard Boilers

Learn more about the different between a steam radiator, and a forced hydro... Read full story ›

Hurricane & Storm Preparedness Checklist Infographic

Hurricane season along the Eastern and Mid-Atlantic seaboard traditionally ... Read full story ›

Guide Dogs "Petro" and "Harmony" Are Certified in Good Manners and Obedience Training!

Petro Home Services is honored to receive certificates acknowledging our su... Read full story ›

Moving? We'll give you the warmest welcome to your new home

Check out the helpful tips if you're planning to move in or out of a home. Read full story ›

Do you really need a backup generator?

Read on to learn about the importance of owning a backup generator. Read full story ›

5 Signs You Need an AC Tune Up

Check out the 5 reasons why you may need an AC tune up! Read full story ›

All you need to know about choosing an AC repair company

Learn how to choose the right AC repair company for your home. Read full story ›

Summer is the best time to schedule your heating system tune-up for winter

Be prepared this year and schedule your heating tune-up in the summer! Read full story ›

Choosing a heating oil service provider: the hidden cost of a bargain

Learn how to choose the right heating oil provider for your home. Read full story ›

HVAC Basics: What is HVAC and What Does It Stand For?

Learn more about the basics of HVAC systems, including what HVAC stands for... Read full story ›

Storm and Hurricane Preparedness for Homeowners

Make sure you are prepared for upcoming storms and hurricanes with this hel... Read full story ›

Tankless Hot Water Heaters vs Tank Storage Water Heaters

Learn about the difference between tankless hot water heaters and tank stor... Read full story ›

Comparing benefits & cost of propane vs. electric heat

It's a fact! Propane heat is more economical and more efficient than electr... Read full story ›

Heating Oil System vs. Natural Gas Heat - The Facts You Need To Know

Learn why choosing oil to heat your home is a better decision than converti... Read full story ›

How your oil home heating system works

3:11 - Learn more about how your home oil heating system works from the exp... Read full story ›

When to replace your central air conditioning system

When is it time to replace your central air conditioning system? Read on. Read full story ›

15 Steps to Manage Your Oil Heat Bill This Winter

Follow these steps to manage your home heating oil costs and save energy. Read full story ›

Ductless vs window unit AC systems: pros and cons

The pros and cons of ductless mini split and window AC units. Read full story ›

Boiler and furnace tune-up benefits & tips

Learn more about the benefits of a furnace or boiler tune-up and when to sc... Read full story ›

Why fireplace safety and cleaning your chimney matter

Fireplace safety and cleaning your chimney are incredibly important, learn ... Read full story ›

Portable vs Standby Whole House Generators - Which One Do You Need For Your Home?

Learn more about the difference between whole house and portable generators... Read full story ›

Oil: Its History and Role in Home Heating

Learn more about oil, including its history and role in home heating. Read full story ›

How to choose a propane supplier

You deserve a supplier that offers reliable service and substantial value t... Read full story ›

Why Your AC Is Freezing Up: 3 Common Reasons and What to Do About It

Learn about why your AC may be freezing up and what you can do about it. Read full story ›

Winterizing your home: how to avoid frozen pipes and more

Winterizing your home is vital for those planning long winter vacations, an... Read full story ›

What are the advantages of using propane?

Check out some of the great reasons why propane is one of the best fuel sou... Read full story ›

Plumbing Basics: How Your Home Plumbing Works

Learn the basics of home plumbing from our trusted Petro experts. Read full story ›

Plumbing Glossary: Plumbing Terms You Need to Know as a Homeowner

54 plumbing terms you need to know to stay informed about your home system. Read full story ›

Keep cool and keep some cash in your pocket this summer!

Stay cool and save money this summer with these helpful tips. Read full story ›

6 Easy Plumbing Tips to Prevent Problems & Save You Money this Summer

Hot temperatures in the summer lead to an increase in water usage. Checkout... Read full story ›

Propane gas safety tips for outdoor grilling this Summer

Are you ready to fire up your grill for the summer? While almost everyone l... Read full story ›

When is it time to replace your water heater? Repair or replace guide to water heaters

1:40 - Everything you need to know to keep your water heater functioning ef... Read full story ›

We've got the tips you need to keep you – and your home – safe during the big freeze

Learn more about how to stay safe and warm during extreme cold temperatures... Read full story ›

Should I get a portable or window AC unit?

When choosing between the two, you'll want to consider a variety of factors... Read full story ›

Heat Pumps vs Air Conditioners: What's the Difference and Which One Should I Get?

Many homes in the Northeast were built without air conditioning systems, bu... Read full story ›

7 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality & Reduce Air Pollution in Your Home

Bumper-to-bumper interstate traffic. Billowing industrial smokestacks. Thes... Read full story ›

Why Won't Your HVAC Fan Turn Off?

Your HVAC fan should turn on and off with the rest of your heating and cool... Read full story ›

5 Questions to ask when buying a home with propane heat

Did you know that propane is a cleaner and more environmentally friendly wa... Read full story ›

Choosing a Plumber: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Plumber

Are you considering hiring a contractor to solve a plumbing problem? We hav... Read full story ›

Full service vs. discount heating oil (Infographic)

Find out the benefits of choosing a full service heating oil company for al... Read full story ›

Green heat: eco-friendly home heating options

“Dirty” home heating options and older heating systems are inefficient and,... Read full story ›

Prevention & maintenance of other home comfort systems

From plumbing systems to chimneys and dryer vents, we have great tips and a... Read full story ›

How to choose the best air conditioner for your home: Comparing HVAC systems

As the temperature starts to climb outside, it’s easy to see why air condit... Read full story ›

When do I need a plumber? Here are five reasons to call

Fortunately, major plumbing leaks don't often occur without warning. If you... Read full story ›

15 energy saving tips to help you save during spring & summer months

Stay cool this summer while also saving money and conserving energy. Discov... Read full story ›

Propane energy efficiency tips for your home

We're not just your total propane solutions provider, you can also count on... Read full story ›

Home generator tips and important safety information

Whether you're thinking of buying or installing a backup power generator or... Read full story ›

Winter home heating safety tips

1:00 - It's a fact. During the cold winter months, you just cannot be home ... Read full story ›

The facts about carbon monoxide safety, poisoning and detection

Learn about the silent killer - carbon monoxide. Your source for carbon mon... Read full story ›

AHRI recommends homeowners replace flood damaged HVAC equipment

The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) is advisi... Read full story ›

Easy home appliance repair tips

Use these tips, advice and tricks to help make sure that some of your major... Read full story ›

Heating Oil and Propane Delivery Tips

Snow and packed ice make it challenging to access your home for deliveries.... Read full story ›

Propane 101: It's not just for BBQs anymore!

Today, you can count on propane for so much more than small heaters and bac... Read full story ›

How to unclog a drain – A guide to unclogging sinks, showers, & more

A clogged drain is annoying and frustrating. Find out several different met... Read full story ›

What home services do you really need?

Trying to figure out what services you need for your home? We can help. Read full story ›

Failure prevention & maintenance of air conditioning equipment

You tune-up and get your car serviced to make sure that it always runs at p... Read full story ›

Plumbing tips and helpful information

Plumbing problems can happen in any home, at any time and for lots of diffe... Read full story ›

How to choose and install a whole home water filtration system

Home water filtration systems come in a variety of flavors and filter types... Read full story ›

3 reasons your furnace cycles on and off frequently

Have you ever thought "Why does my furnace keep shutting off?" You are not ... Read full story ›

Winter storm safety tips

Make sure that you and your home are prepared for any winter storms by usin... Read full story ›

What is a ductless AC mini-split system?

Just like any central AC system, ductless, mini-split AC systems place the ... Read full story ›

How to save energy in the fall & winter

Install a programmable thermostat and be sure to set temperatures lower at ... Read full story ›

Oil heat: The top 5 facts you should know

Today's heating oil is biodegradable and 95% cleaner than ever before! As a... Read full story ›

Heating oil - the facts and more!

When we were younger, teachers and parents used to tell us we were never to... Read full story ›

Home heating oil: it is a great value

We take our role as an energy savings partner very seriously, and want to s... Read full story ›

Hot water not working? Try these water heater troubleshooting tips.

If there’s one thing nobody enjoys, it’s being treated to a surprise cold s... Read full story ›

Looking for total home comfort services you can count on?

From home heating to cooling, Petro Home Services provides expert service f... Read full story ›

How to stay safe during extreme winter cold conditions

Record breaking low temps and heavy snow are bearing down on most of us and... Read full story ›

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