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Fuel oil and propane.

Petro Oil and Propane

You can count on Petro for all of your home heating services, including automatic oil delivery service, flexible pricing and payment plans, comprehensive service plans and more! Use propane for your home comforts? We can take care of those, too!

Along with smart energy saving tips to save in every season, and local customer service and support teams on call 24/7, we're the only home heating partner you need to keep comfortable and save – all year!

Petro Heating Oil Services

Heating oil services

Our range of home heating oil services are all designed with your total comfort and savings in mind.

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Improve your home's value and get great financing options and 24/7 customer service with a new heating system from Petro.

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Service and protection plans

Make sure that your home heating or cooling system is running at peak efficiency all year and stress less about breakdowns. Our range of heating and air conditioning service plan options have you covered.

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Petro Propane Services

Propane services

If you use propane for your home comforts, you can count on us for all of your propane equipment and service needs, too.

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Propane safety and handling

Many homes and businesses use propane gas for heat, hot water, cooking and electricity generation. It's important that you use caution when handling tanks, fuel lines, appliances and generators to ensure safety.

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Oil furnace and boiler tune-up benefits and tips

Learn how to keep your furnace or boiler running at peak efficiency.

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Check out our Special Offers

Special offers

If you want to save on energy costs, the smartest investment you can make is to install a new, energy-efficient home heating or cooling system.

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Heating Oil Pricing Plans and SmartPay Budget Plan

Pricing and payment plans

Do you want to save money and manage your energy costs more smartly? We've got flexible pricing plans and a monthly payment plan that will help you do it.

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Boiler and furnace repair

From boilers, to oil tanks and furnaces, our heating repair techs will get your repairs done fast and done right.



Whether you're installing a new furnace, boiler or central air conditioning system, we can help make your payments more manageable.

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