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Automatic delivery facts you need to know.

You’re an automatic delivery customer. But how does it work?

No phone calls, no hassle, just a warm and worry-free winter!

When you became our customer, you answered a series of questions about the square footage, number of rooms and occupants in your house. Along with predictive data telling us when winter weather normally impacts where you live, your answers helped us to identify factors in an algorithm specific to your home that tells us when you’re ready for a heating oil delivery.

Using this reliable industry tracking model, we can approximate when your tank requires a refill and are prompted to make the delivery automatically! You don’t need to call to make an appointment or worry about missing a heating oil delivery ever again.

Helpful tip: Keep your fill-pipe accessible.

During the fall and winter months, be sure to keep the delivery area by your fill pipe free from leaves and snow so that we can maintain your automatic delivery schedule without interruption.

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