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Petro vs. other oil companies. 

Petro vs. Other Oil Companies

There really is no comparison!

Your home is your most important asset and you can trust Petro to help you take care of it. We're the industry's premier full service home heating oil supplier that's been servicing customers for over 100 years, providing home comforts and total peace of mind. When it comes to home comforts, don't settle for anything less than a true full service company, count on Petro.

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We have a full range of home service offerings: heating, cooling, plumbing, and more

What do you really get for your money when you’re buying heating oil?  
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Petro Other oil companies
Automatic deliveryAutomatic delivery
Flexible pricing and payment plans to suit your specific needs.May only offer one level of pricing plan.
24/7 service for any issues in any weather.
We're always available for you.
Service not always available
More techs on staff to service customers anytime!Fewer technicians and support teams.
That means longer waiting times for you!
We never run out of oil and always deliver.May not have the resources and flexibility to meet customer's needs, particularly during high demand winter months.
Easy-to-schedule tune-ups.There could be wait times for a tune-up and restrictions may apply.

See for yourself why we're the #1 heating oil provider in the country!

Petro - There is no comparison

"I was so happy with your new boiler installation job, from start to finish, that I just had to share my wonderful experience with you and make sure that everyone involved got the recognition for excellent service that they totally deserve."
– Mrs. Harder, Long Island

"Petro has been really good to us. They deliver a fair price on heating oil and propane, and have been great for servicing our old oil furnace on their service plan. Highly recommend them!"
– C Tyler. Feb, 2023

"With the economy being what it is, I did some comparative shopping and looked into switching my account but also decided that I needed additional information from Petro. I called your office and your customer service representative, Jesse was wonderful! He researched my account, explained options, supplied information and was courteous, patient, knowledgeable and kind throughout. He told me of your website and advised me where to find answers to certain questions I had and I have decided to remain with you for another year as a Petro Ceiling Plan customer. I've been in customer service my entire adult life and know how difficult it can be but Jesse seemed to have a genuine interest, not only in keeping me as a customer but keeping me as a satisfied customer. When someone exceptional comes along, I feel recognition is warranted. That I remain a Petro customer, is all thanks to people like Jesse."
– Beth Shavitz, A Petro customer for 32 years

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