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The ultimate guide to buying and installing new AC.

When it comes to ensuring that your home remains cool and comfortable during the summer months, selecting and installing the right air conditioning (AC) system is paramount. At Petro Home Services, we pride ourselves on being your go-to experts for comprehensive AC installation and services, guiding you through every step of enhancing your living space with optimal cooling solutions.

Why install a new AC system?

Upgrading your AC from an older, less efficient system can significantly enhance comfort and reduce energy costs. Additionally, installing AC in homes without a cooling system or in a home addition ensures consistent climate control throughout all living areas. Whether it's upgrading for better functionality or installing a new system in a recently expanded home, you will improve your home's comfort.

Choose the right type of AC system for your home.

When choosing an AC system, homeowners have several air conditioner options, each with distinct advantages and considerations.

Central air conditioning systems.
These are designed to cool the entire home via a network of ducts. Central AC systems are ideal for cooling multiple rooms simultaneously and are hidden from view, preserving the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Ductless or mini-split systems.
These provide targeted cooling to specific areas without the need for ductwork. This type of AC is perfect for homes that do not have pre-existing ductwork, for additions, or in areas where traditional ducted systems are not feasible.

Portable air conditioners.
These stand-alone units that can be moved from one room to another and are typically designed to cool a single room or small area. Portable ACs are a flexible, temporary solution for cooling, particularly where window configurations or building regulations prevent the installation of window units.

Window air conditioning units.
These compact units are designed to fit inside a window frame. They are ideal for renters or individuals in temporary housing situations.

Which AC system should you choose?

This involves a careful assessment of your specific needs, budget, and the characteristics of your home. Here are some critical considerations to guide you in making the best choice:

Budget considerations.
This is the first step in narrowing down your options. AC systems vary significantly in cost, not just in terms of initial purchase price but also in terms of installation and long-term energy consumption. Central AC systems, for instance, may offer a high degree of efficiency for larger homes but come with higher initial installation costs. On the other hand, window and portable AC units can be much less expensive upfront but may lead to higher energy bills, especially if used extensively or are not energy-efficient.

Home layout.
This can greatly influence the type of AC system that is most suitable. For homes with existing ductwork, a central AC system might be the best option to provide consistent cooling throughout every room. However, for homes without ductwork, or in cases where it's impractical to install ducts such as in older historic homes or specific room additions, ductless mini-split AC systems may be an effective and less intrusive solution. These systems can also be ideal for providing targeted cooling in areas of the home that are used more frequently or that tend to heat up more due to exposure to sunlight. The size of your home may also impact your decision, particularly if you are installing a central AC system and choosing the power of your system in BTUs. Choosing the right-sized air conditioner is crucial; too small increases energy bills and too large causes humidity, mold issues, and system wear. Learn more about choosing the right size air conditioner for your home.

Efficiency importance.
An increasingly important consideration for homeowners, not only for the environmental benefits but also for the long-term cost savings on energy bills. If efficiency is a priority, you might want to consider an AC system that has a high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. Energy-efficient AC systems are typically more expensive upfront but can reduce monthly energy costs. It’s also worth considering the potential for local utility rebates or government incentives that can offset the initial expense of a more efficient system.

More important factors for installing a new AC system.

These factors are crucial to ensure that your installation process is smooth, cost-effective, and meets your cooling needs effectively.

When to install AC.
This can significantly affect both the ease of installation and the costs involved. The best time to install a new AC system is during the off-peak times in spring or fall. During these times, HVAC technicians are less likely to be in high demand, which can lead to quicker installation times and opportunities to take advantage of off-season savings or rebates. Additionally, planning your installation during milder weather conditions avoids the discomfort of being without air conditioning during the hottest days of summer.

Where to install AC.
The location of your AC unit, whether it's a central, ductless, portable, or a window system, plays a pivotal role in its efficiency and effectiveness. For central and ductless systems, the outdoor unit should be placed in a shaded area, away from direct sunlight to optimize efficiency. The indoor units or vents should be strategically placed to ensure even air distribution without obstruction from furniture or drapes. For portable and window units, choose windows near electrical outlets and provide the best airflow for cooling the desired space.

Get a quote and understand pricing.
Before committing to a new AC system, it’s important to get a detailed quote from a trusted provider. This quote should include the cost of the unit itself, installation fees, and any additional costs for modifying your home to accommodate the new system, such as ductwork or electrical upgrades. Understanding the full pricing structure can help you budget appropriately and avoid any unexpected expenses. At Petro Home Services, we provide transparent pricing and detailed consultations to ensure that you understand all aspects of your AC installation project.

Incorporating these factors into your decision-making process will help ensure that your new air conditioning system is installed at the right time, place, and for the right price for maximum comfort and efficiency in your home.

Where to turn for AC installation?

Choosing the right AC system is just the beginning. For installation, it’s crucial to rely on professionals who can ensure that your AC system is installed correctly and efficiently. Petro Home Services offers expert guidance and reliable installation services. We encourage homeowners to reach out for a detailed quote and consultation to ensure that your new AC system meets all your cooling needs. Trusting your local HVAC pros like Petro ensures that your system is optimally installed and set up for long-term reliability and efficiency.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit Petro Home Services for AC services or call us at 888.735.5651. We’re here to help you keep cool all summer long.

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