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Fall home maintenance checklist: 9 Tips to help you prepare.

Make sure to drain water from any hoses or pipes outside your house

It's time to batten down the hatches and prepare for winter. The experts at Petro Home Services can help you get through your fall home maintenance checklist in a jiffy, with this list of ten important items to help you get your home ready for fall and winter.

Heating systems

When that first deep chill of winter arrives, the last thing you want to have is a heating system failure. Scheduling an annual cleaning and inspection of your heating system in the fall means your home will be nice and cozy through the coldest months. Plus, regular maintenance will help your systems last longer, too.


Disconnect, drain, and store all outdoor hoses for the winter, and check outdoor faucets for leaks and drips before they have a chance to freeze and cause damage. Indoors, check your plumbing for leaks and insulate any pipes that are in non-heated areas like crawl spaces and garages. Frozen pipes lead to burst pipes, and once the thaw sets in, you'll have a messy situation on your hands.


After a long summer, it's easy to forget about chimney maintenance until you're ready to light that first cozy fire, but a chimney full of old buildup can be dangerous and lead to fire. Make sure you get your chimney cleaned before lighting your first winter fire and have the chimney sweep ensure that your flue has a tight seal.

Seal all windows to prevent drafts


Drafty windows are one of the biggest culprits for warm air escaping your home in the winter which is not only uncomfortable, but also drives up energy costs. Make sure yours are sealed up tightly and use caulk, weather-stripping, or temporary plastic insulation kits to keep them tightly closed.


Winter ventilation is essential as you won't be keeping the windows open for fresh air. Check your ventilation system to make sure nothing is damaged, and that air intakes and vents are not blocked. Check for damage around any openings as critters and animals are always looking for a warm place to make a new home, and your house is already occupied.


Clogged gutters can lead to frozen gutters, ice dams, and eventually damage to your roof. Once the leaves have fallen from the trees, it's time to give your gutters and downspouts a thorough cleaning. If you're not comfortable on a ladder, this is an easy job for a professional service to come out and take care of for you.

Test all safety devices such as smoke alarms

Safety devices

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are essential winter safety devices as your home is likely to be sealed up tightly for the season. Test your devices and put fresh batteries in them so you're sure they're ready to keep your family safe.

Energy audit

An energy audit involves a skilled professional assessing the energy usage of your house while checking for areas of the home that would benefit from improvements. From updating appliances to EnergyStar® rated models to adding weather-stripping around your doors and windows, an energy audit will help prevent you from wasting heat, electricity, and ultimately money during the colder months.

Dryer vents

Cool, dry winter air allows static electricity to build up more easily. While it may be fun for the kids to snap at each other, static electricity can also ignite dryer lint can cause a fire. Cleaning your dryer vents not only helps prevent fire, but it also helps your dryer to work more efficiently and use less energy.

Help where you need it

If your winter home maintenance checklist is a little more than you can tackle yourself, contact the local experts at Petro Home Services. Our team is happy to help with your fall home preparations so you're ready when the deep chill arrives. To learn more or to schedule an appointment for of your home services, contact us today!

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