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Petro celebrates community members that help protect local children.

On Thursday, May 30th, 2024, The Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse (CPCA) held its Champions Against Child Abuse Awards Celebration in The Grandview, Poughkeepsie and Petro Home Services team members were delighted to attend.

Every year, this special evening celebrates members of the community who champion the CPCA mission every day by keeping children safe from abuse and neglect. The event honored organizations and individuals for all that they do to help children who deserve and need protection in local communities.

Petro Poughkeepsie team members (left to right) Robert Miccarelli, Courtney Reilly, Linda Tasadfoy, Jill Feller, Carri-Ann Mullahy, Mike Maley, Brittany Caporricio, Kathy Van Etten and Jason McCann joined the honorees attending the celebration.

Thank you to all of those who were honored at the event and to the CPCA for the work that they do to help prevent child neglect and abuse in our communities.

Get more information about the CPCA.

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