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Service plans for all your home comfort needs.

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From heating oil to air conditioning systems and gas-electric water heaters to plumbing, we have comprehensive service plans to make sure that your home comfort needs are always satisfied.

Heating oil

Click here to learn about our heating oil services plans 


View details of the propane plan here 

Natural gas

View details of the natural gas plan here 


View details of our generator service plans here 

Air conditioning

Download details of our air conditioning service plans here  


Download details of our plumbing plan here  

Gas-electric water heater

Download details of the water heater plan coverage here  

Heat pump

Our heat pump protection plan includes:

  • On-call access to service, 24/7, 7 days a week
  • System check-up
  • 15% discount on regular rates
  • Quality repairs by experienced Petro technicians

*Some exclusions apply, please contact us for details.

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