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Easy home appliance repair tips.

Appliance Repair Tips

Use these tips, advice and tricks to help make sure that some of your major home appliances stay in working order.


Don’t wait until the night before you have company coming over to make sure that your oven is working properly. It pays to have it inspected once every few years. From accurate heating temperature to burner functioning properly, our inspection will:

  • Make sure each burner is working properly and not wasting gas
  • Ensure natural gas lines are clear, not leaking and hooked up tightly
  • Inspect all wiring and power sources to keep accurate warming and cooking temperature readings

BBQ and grill

Because of the greasy nature of what is being cooked on them, BBQs and grills need constant cleaning and maintenance to make sure that they cook properly.

  • Soap and water will clean the toughest grease buildup you may have. Using a nylon brush or wooden scraper along with the soap and water will keep your BBQ or grill clean.
  • When cleaning burners and gas lines, remember to cover up the connection points so they don’t erode.
  • Consider rust-proofing your BBQ or grill to hold up during the frequent spring and summer rain storms. Any visible rust should be scraped off with steel wool to preserve the BBQ or grill and keep rust from getting into the food.
  • Empty grease traps to avoid flare ups and fires from happening


Consistent maintenance of your refrigerator will keep it running properly and result in lower energy bills and fresher food for you and your family.

  • Cleaning coils regularly will prevent over-heating
  • Remember to periodically de-frost your freezer. This will prevent vents from being blocked and keep airflow moving with in the freezer, maintaining proper cooling temperature
  • To conserve energy, remember to shut off your ice maker when not in use. Most models have this option, but it’s rarely used by the owner, causing unwarranted energy use.
  • Always cover up your food. This prevents moisture buildup inside and allows the refrigerator to operate more efficiently, keeping energy bills down and temperature inside cool
  • Check the seal around the door. This is usually the first item to need to be replaced and keeps the internal temperature accurate inside.

As your local home service experts, our team of experienced and professional technicians are available to help with any of your home appliance maintenance, repair and installation needs.

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