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Petro Long Island helps heat a local family’s home for Thanksgiving.

by Petro Home Services | Dec 20, 2021
The United Way of Long Island honored individuals by featuring them on a Virtual ‘Wall of Heroes’ for showing acts of kindness, courage, care and ultimately making a positive impact on many in the Long Island community throughout the past year.

The local Petro Long Island West, NY team were delighted to have an opportunity to help Oil Heat Cares make Thanksgiving warmer for a multi-generation family home in Valley Stream, NY by installing a new boiler in their house.


Ken Becht, Petro (General Manager-Long Island West) partnered with Oil Heat Cares, an organization that assists people, families and organizations in need with the replacement of oil heating appliances, to help one of those families in need. Coordinating with Burnham®, who donated the boiler and Becket®, who donated the burner, Ken helped secure the heating equipment while Petro donated all other material and labor costs. Petro technicians Luis Parades and Neil Egenberger, Jr. installed the new oil heating system quickly, to ensure that the family enjoyed a warm and comfortable Thanksgiving holiday.


The family was touched by the kindness and generosity in getting and installing their new heating system before the holiday. Everyone involved was delighted to work with Oil Heat Cares to give some well-deserved comfort to a local family.

Thanks to all who helped make this happen.

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