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Long Islanders, do you need help heating your home? Project Warmth can help.

Are you behind on your heating payments? Having to choose between heating your home or feeding you or your family? Is your oil tank low or empty? Have you recently received a disconnection notice? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the United Way’s Project Warmth program may be able to help.

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About United Way’s Project Warmth program.

As Long Island’s only non-governmental, island-wide emergency fuel fund, Project Warmth is a safety net for financially struggling individuals and families who are unable to pay their heating bill. This program provides a one-time grant for fuel and/or fuel-related electricity. Payments are made directly to oil and utility companies on behalf of eligible residents facing heating emergencies. For the hundreds of families Project Warmth helps each year, assistance with an oil delivery or utility arrears means they have room in their budgets to cover essentials like food or medication.

If you’re struggling to heat your home, contact Project Warmth now!

Call 211 or 888.774.7633 today!

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