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Helping kids smile with some cuddly companions.

On December 15, 2023, for the third consecutive year, Petro team members from Poughkeepsie and Orange County delivered stuffed animals for kids at the local CPCA (Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse). 

From teddy bears to dogs, cats, dragons and many snuggable versions of favorite characters from TV, films and literature, the Petro team provided over 200 cuddly friends  to help make sure that every child arriving at the CPCA is given a stuffed animal of their choice to help comfort them during their time of need. 

The CPCA provides child and family support, addressing the epidemic of child abuse through prevention services and education. CPCA’s vision is to end child abuse and provide parents and families with the tools and knowledge needed to provide safe, caring and nurturing environments for their children.

Petro team members Kathy Van Etten, Jill Feller, Rob Miccarelli, Carri-Ann Mullahy and Linda Tasadfoy enjoyed collecting and delivering the toys to the CPCA, which was very appreciative of the number of stuffed animals they were able to collect on their behalf. 

Thank you to everyone on the Poughkeepsie team and in the Orange County community who helped with this caring initiative.