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Frequently asked questions - Petro home heating oil and air conditioning services.


Do you service my area?

You can find out which areas we cover here or you can contact us and our customer service representatives will be happy to help you.

Can I schedule an appointment online?

Yes, you can sign up for My Account here where you can schedule a time and date for a service call.

Do you offer free estimates and quotes?

Yes. You can schedule one online or contact us for more information.

How can I sign-up for and set up a payment or pricing plan?

Simply contact one of our customer service representatives to set up your SmartPay monthly payment plan and they will quickly and easily be able to help you do it. SmartPay is the best way to help divide your annual energy costs into easy monthly payments, for no more large, unexpected payments in the winter months. We also offer a range of flexible pricing plans. You can find out more about pricing plans here or by contacting us to sign-up today.

How do I schedule a delivery?

We provide automatic delivery service, so you don't have to call to schedule a delivery. Our system uses the latest computer model, that predicts when you need oil and will send someone out automatically whenever our records indicate that you may require a delivery and deliver it, right on time! If you have any problems or questions about your delivery, you can always contact us.

Is there anything I need to do to make sure that automatic delivery remains on schedule?

All you need to do is ensure that we have access to your delivery area. During the fall/winter months, we ask that you clear your delivery area (fill-pipe) of any leaves or snow, so that we can maintain your delivery schedule without interruption when you're not at home.

I’ve got a leak! What do I do?

Call us immediately to schedule a service call. One of our licensed technicians will come to your home to help you take care of any problems with leakage issues.

How can you schedule an annual maintenance call?

Please contact us online or give us a call to schedule any equipment maintenance or tune-up.

What do I need to do if and when I am moving?

Simply call customer service and provide the name and contact information of the person you want us to work with through this transitional moving period. Don't forget that we can help with:

  • Giving you a $100 reward if you refer your home's new owner to Petro and they sign-up with us as an automatic delivery customer.
  • Transfer of CARE or ProGuard protection to the new owner.
  • Establishing an account for your new home, just let us know your address and heating oil or gas heating system requirements.
  • Scheduling a tune-up of your oil burner before the sale, if required.

How can I put more money in my pocket?

The quickest and smartest way to do it is by installing a new energy-efficient home heating system. It really does pay off! You could potentially recover the cost of your equipment investment over the next few years to enjoy long-term savings. And don’t forget about our WarmWelcome customer referral program! You can earn a $100 reward for every friend or family member you refer to Petro who signs up for automatic delivery service.*

*Terms and conditions apply. Contact usfor details.

Do you offer gas services, too?

Yes! Petro is much more than a heating oil company. We can take care of all of your gas heating needs, too, including system tune-ups, service plan options, the latest equipment, and installation by professional technicians, and 24/7 service and support. As your local, total home comfort services provider, we offer air conditioning, plumbing, and chimney cleaning services, too!*

*Some services may not be available in all areas. Contact us for details.


Who can I contact about billing questions?

Our customer service representatives are all local, so they understand your particular home heating oil, comfort services and billing needs. They are available 24/7, all year, to answer all of your billing questions. Contact us anytime to speak to a customer service representative.

How can I pay my invoices automatically?

Please give Customer Service a call and request an authorization form to be sent to you. You can either supply your credit card or checking account information, sign the form, and return it in the envelope provided. Automatic payments should begin 2-4 weeks after receipt of the signed authorization form. There is no charge for this service.

Is it safe to use my credit card?

Yes, we use a third party credit card billing vendor that has a state-of-the-art, encrypted website and is PCI compliant. So, you don't need to worry about supplying your credit card information and any personal data.

What is my balance and budget for the month?

To get this information you need to be a My Account customer. You can sign up for My Account here. To become a SmartPay monthly payment plan customer which helps you manage your annual energy costs, please contact us.

Can I adjust my payment plan payments?

To do this, please contact us and speak to a customer service representative.

How do I pay my bill online?

To do this, you need to be a My Account customer. You can quickly and easily sign up for My Account here.


What is the average experience level of your technicians?

Our professional, licensed and fully bonded technicians average between 20 and 25 years of service. Many of them with our company for that duration.

Are your techs licensed?

Yes, all of our professional technicians are fully licensed, bonded and certified to handle all of your home heating and cooling service needs.

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