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Protection plans that provide peace of mind


Our protection plans can help you protect the investment in your home and property, in the event of an oil release or oil tank failure.

CARE® environmental protection

Fortunately, oil releases don't happen too often. But when they do, they can damage the environment and cost thousands of dollars to clean up. And worse, most homeowners insurance doesn't cover oil leaks. The CARE® program protects your investment in your home by providing clean-up coverage in case your tank, connected piping or oil lines leak. The CARE® program is available for above ground fuel tanks* and provides:

  • Up to $100,000 for clean-up**
  • Clean-up of releases from entire fuel oil system, including piping and lines
  • Limited cost share
  • Transferable if you sell your home
  • Experienced professionals to handle the work

Signing up for this program is simple. Just download and complete our application form, and for a few dollars a month we'll provide up to $100,000 in tank coverage (certain restrictions apply).

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*A separate program is available for underground fuel storage tanks. Underground fuel oil tanks require a one-time testing fee in addition to the cost of the program. **Does not include tank replacement.


Oil releases are rare, but they do occur. That's why Petro has chosen ProGuard™ to meet the needs of its customers with underground tanks.

ProGuard is protection for underground (buried) oil storage tanks that guards against the problems associated with a release, should it ever occur. It affordably provides the peace of mind you deserve. Additionally, it ensures that any problems will be handled in a way that protects the environment.

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Oil tank failure

In the event of an oil tank failure, this agreement gives you an allowance of $750 toward a replacement tank or tank repair. Your allowance is payable as a reduction to our normal retail price for the model specified. Replacement or repair must be done by Petro. Additionally, this coverage includes:

  • Exposed fill and vent lines (up to 15' from the tank)
  • Exposed oil lines (up to 15' from the tank), tank legs, vent alarm and tank valve.

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