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 Man and a child carving a pumpkin


Don't be scared. We just want to wish you and your family a Happy Halloween!

We're deep into Fall already when Halloween is here. While you're enjoying the holiday, you know you can count on Petro for all of the home heating oil and comfort services you need to enjoy a warm welcome home after Trick or Treating. And don't be scared of winter, because we'll be here for you 24/7 throughout the cold season, too

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Picking the perfect pumpkin:
Pumpkin picking and carving is a traditional part of the Halloween holiday. That's why we wanted to share these fun tips, to help take some of the fear out of these activities:

If you have the time, enjoy a family trip to a pumpkin farm to make your selection. Savor some fresh cider or steaming hot chocolate while browsing hundreds of sizes and shapes of pumpkins. Your visit can also be an opportunity for younger kids to connect with nature and learn how pumpkins are grown. But even if you find yourself making a last-minute run to the supermarket or roadside stand, your family can have a blast picking the perfect pumpkin.

Start the selection process by deciding on the shape and color:

  • Tall thin shapes are ideal for funny faces and whimsical expressions.
  • Round shapes are great for happy faces -- and scary ones, too.
  • Oddly shaped pumpkins are perfect for creating unique characters.
  • Want something different? Consider a white pumpkin. Even when unlit, white pumpkins seem to glow as the daylight fades.

Next consider size:

  • A large space, like a big front porch, will look best with a large pumpkin. Or, group three or more medium-size pumpkins to create a big display.
  • If your pumpkin is destined for a small space, like a table in your entry hall, choose a more diminutive pumpkin. For a long narrow space, like a mantle, consider lining up three or more small pumpkins.
  • If your kids will be helping with the carving, stick with medium-size pumpkins, which are the easiest to work with.

Before making your final selection, make sure your pumpkin:

  • Has a broad, gently curved face for carving that is vertical or tilted upward.
  • Is free of soft spots or breaks in the skin.
  • Sits well on the ground and is stable.
  • Includes a bit of stem, especially if you will be removing the seeds through the top.

Carving your pumpkin
If you want your carved masterpiece to look the best, wait until a day or two before Halloween to carve your pumpkin. There are lots of fun designs that can be picked up at the local supermarket or hobby store, along with plastic tools. Cut open the top of the pumpkin and remove as much of the seeds and pulp as possible. You can keep the seeds, rinse the pulp off them and toast them in the oven for a snack later! Make sure you clean out all of the pulp until you're clear through to the whitest part of the pumpkin. Whether you want to carve the next work of art or are simply creating a traditional Jack O'Lantern, tracing your desired pattern on the pumpkin in pencil is always a smart first step. Be careful when handling the cutting and carving tools and take your time to carve or cut along the lines of your pattern. Once you're done, let it dry for a little bit with the top/lid off. Then, put a tealight candle inside, close the lid and enjoy your artwork!