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Petro Air Conditioning Repairs

Air Conditioning Repairs – Ductless and Central AC Repair.

Tools on top of a home air conditioner

As the leading home services company in the country, Petro's professional licensed technicians are always on-call to quickly handle AC system repairs of all the leading air conditioning equipment systems and brands. From central, to ductless or even window air conditioning equipment, our techs will get your repairs done fast and done right. Looking for even more protection? We also have a wide range of service plan options to help you avoid unexpected and unnecessary repairs.

Air Conditioning equipment repairs.

Looking for AC repair services? You can count on Petro for professional AC repairs to make sure that you always keep your cool during the summer, too. Whether your AC system overheats during the hottest summer heat wave or won't turn on the first time you use it, our local techs all live where you do and are ready to take care of your home cooling AC repairs fast, 24/7! Our AC repair service team are all licensed and qualified to handle all repairs of leading central, ductless, and wall AC equipment brands, like Trane® and more.

Central and ductless air conditioning equipment repairs.

Whether you choose central or ductless AC for your home, our technicians will ensure that your new system will be installed cleanly, quickly and perfectly so that you’re cool at home and keeping your cool about saving on energy costs. You can count on our AC technicians for any central or ductless AC system repairs, 24/7!

Emergency AC repair services.

Emergency repairs - 24/7! If your central or ductless AC system dies on the hottest day of the year, our emergency services team are always here when you call, ready to get to you as quickly as possible to make the repairs you need to keep your cool.

Our emergency services team promises to:
  • Always be there for you when you call
  • Provide prompt and professional customer service and repairs
  • Deliver 24/7 service and support that you can rely on — in any weather


Call 800.645.4328 or contact us for air conditioning system repair service

AC Repair FAQs

What is the most common AC repair?

The trusted experts at Petro Home Services have repaired thousands of air conditioning systems. If your AC is on the fritz, it may be due to the following issues.

  • Fuses need to be replaced
  • Clogged air filters
  • Broken thermostat
  • Malfunctioning defrost control
  • Condensation drain needs to be emptied
  • Condenser fan needs to be replaced
  • Compressor needs to be fixed or replaced
  • Dusty coils
  • Capacitors need to be replaced
  • Refrigerant needs to be replenished

How long should my AC last?

Every unit is different, but your AC unit should last an average of 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance and repairs.

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