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Did you know that a burglary occurs every 14.5 seconds? Or that one quarter of all home burglaries occur during the winter months and they rise by 67% over the extended holiday period in December and January?1 Also, that burglary rates are higher during the summer vacation season?

Knowing these facts, we wanted to share some smart and simple tips that you can use or adopt to help protect your home, property and family from criminals:

  • Break down and use trash bags to dispose of boxes that could indicate what type of gifts you received over the holiday season or purchased in New Year sales to reduce the risk of criminals finding out what new electronic items may be inside your home.
  • Do not put your family name on your mailbox or on your house. Burglars can call directory assistance and call your house from right outside to confirm if you’re away.
  • When traveling put office addresses and cell phone numbers on luggage tags or any baggage handler thief will know that you’re not home.
  • Remove all address information from parked cars at the airport - anyone breaking into your car could find out you’re not home and may gain access to your address and garage door opener.
  • Burglars don’t like light. Replace outside perimeter lights with inexpensive and readily available motion-activated lamps and place timers on a few inside lights to make it appear you’re home.
  • Trim shrubbery near windows and doors to eliminate hiding places for burglars.
  • Plan package deliveries to either arrive when someone is at home to receive it or address the packages to be delivered to your work. With the increase of online shopping, minimize any packages that could sit outside your home that could draw attention to burglars.
  • Stop newspaper and mail delivery while you are away. Piles of mail or newspapers are an open invitation to burglars who can tell you are not home.
  • Don't leave a purse, wallet or laptop on the counters that can be seen from a window. This will almost always trigger a forced entry.
  • Security signs without corresponding security company stickers on the windows, may lead a passing burglar to believe that you don't really have an alarm system.
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