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Water softener systems and costs.

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Water filtration.

When you get water from your faucet, do not assume that it is completely safe to drink. There are regulations in place that set safety standards for your water – all covered by the Safe Drinking Water Act. Although much of the water we use in our homes meets national safety standards, treated water can contain heavy metals and environmental pollutants such as lead, mercury, pharmaceuticals, herbicides and pesticides. The good news is you can protect yourself and your family by removing them through the use of a water filter. A home filtration system helps provide clean, clear water for showers, dishwashing, and laundry. It will also reduce sediment, sand and rust at the main water supply to prevent build up inside water heaters, pipes, dishwashers and other appliances and fixtures.

Petro plumbing professionals can quickly install any whole home or under counter water filtration systems, replace filter cartridges and handle any repairs of non-working parts.

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Water filtration systems.

There are a number of filtration systems available for your home, each helping you and your family enjoy the cleanest and safest water:

  • Reverse osmosis filtration system

    Reverse osmosis reduces many pollutants and contaminants, separating them from the water through two carbon filters, plus a membrane that works like an extremely fine filter. This premium filtration process filters particles 100,000 times smaller than a human hair, reducing up to 99% of many common contaminants. You'll enjoy your water without worrying about residue from contaminants such as lead or mercury.

  • Dual and single stage carbon filtration

    Space-saving design uses filters to provide great tasting water. Carbon filtration systems reduce contaminants in the water you drink and use for cooking through high-volume carbon filters. You'll enjoy your water without worrying about residue from contaminants such as lead or mercury.

  • Kitchen, bath and shower filtration

    Filtration system fits under most kitchen or bathroom sinks for convenient access to great tasting water. Consider adding a shower filter, with a compact, flexible design easily installs in most showers – no tools needed.

  • In-line refrigerator and icemaker filtration

    Designed for refrigerators without a built-in water filter, these easy-to-install inline filters connect directly to your refrigerator's water lines.

Whole home water filtration systems.

Learn about the different types of whole home water filtration systems and their installation process.

Water softeners.

Solve your hard water problems with a water softener. Our plumbers can install a water softening system to remove pollutants for more effective cleaning and extend the life of any home appliances that use water.

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