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Homeowners plumbing checklist: Plumbing maintenance tips for homeowners.

Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

From doing laundry and maintaining your garden, to providing drinking and bathing water, plumbing is one of your home’s most crucial systems. While you can rely on our experienced team for fast and reliable home plumbing services, from the smallest leak to complete bath and kitchen remodeling, use this checklist to make sure that your plumbing system is in good shape.*

General Plumbing maintenance.

  • Corroded pipes and stuck valves - Even reliable and durable fittings, pipes and valves can be defective, deteriorate, corrode and get stuck, causing leaks or major water damage. Prevent this by having them replaced proactively.


  • Water meter - Water meters and their registers often lose accuracy as they age, so they must be replaced every 15 to 20 years.
  • Water main - Whether you use town or well water, sand or sediment can cause problems with toilets, faucets and other appliances. Prevent this by having us install a filter on your water main.
  • Outdoor hose bibs - Frozen or defective hose bibs may cause leaks inside the walls, damaging your basement. Modern hose bibs are frost-free, eliminating the need for seasonal draining or winter wrapping. If yours are not frost proof, have them replaced.


  • Kitchen sink - Water leaks are a common occurrence and if left unrepaired, can cause significant damage to the cabinet floor by promoting wood rot, warping and mold or mildew growth.
  • Refrigerator - The water line should have approved copper tubing, operational shut-off valves and up to date filter cartridges. Dishwasher – Look beneath the dishwasher to verify that the pan or supply line isn’t leaking on the floor or under the cabinets.
Bathroom Plumbing Maintenance


  • Faucets and toilet - A leaking faucet or running toilet can waste up to 250 gallons of water a day! Repairing or replacing them can cut down on utility and sewer bills.
  • Shower and tub - Inspect showers and tubs for leak-free operation and proper diverter and drain function. Also check that the shower head is clean.

Laundry room.

  • Washing machine hoses - Rubber hoses dry out and crack, and can leak or burst, causing water damage. Installing new braided steel hoses can help prevent damages from happening.
  • Washing machine drain - Blocked washing machine drains can overflow and cause costly damage. Have the drain cleared or replaced as a preventative measure.
  • Dryer vent - Clean dryer vents improve the efficiency of your dryer, lower energy costs and make your home safer from fire risk.


  • Water heater - Drain sediment and replace the anode rod to extend the life of the unit and improve efficiency. Older hot water heaters many need to be replaced if they are showing signs of rust or are beginning to leak.
  • Sump pump - Improper operation or failure of a sump pump can result in water damage from heavy rain or leaking water lines. Sump pump replacement or regular maintenance is recommended to avoid these incidents.
  • Shut-off valves - Be certain that all family members know where the shut-off valve is and how it operates. This can prevent major damage to your home and belongings in an emergency.

See? There’s much more to plumbing than you might think.

Don’t worry, the Petro Home Services team can help!

One of the best recommendations for all homeowners is to find a reliable plumber before you need one. Head to our plumbing maintenance and protection plans page to learn more about plumbing maintenance package so you don’t have to do the checklist yourself!

*plumbing services not available in all areas