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What is home automation? And why you need a system in your home now.

The concept of controlling home devices remotely has been around for years in science fiction movies and TV shows. However, now it is very much a reality with more and more homeowners enjoying the control, features and benefits of having a home automation installed. But what is home automation? And how can you benefit from it? Let’s start with the basics…

What is home automation?

Home automation is the automatic and electronic control of home features, activity and appliances, like thermostats, garage doors, water system shut-offs and much more. Once a system is installed, all of these household functions can be monitored and controlled remotely from a smartphone, tablet, computer or any other internet-enabled device.

How does a home automation system work?

An easy-to-install gateway is the brain of the home automation system. Once installed, it communicates with all of the home devices you need to get total control of your home. With a Petro Home Automation system, you can download an app for your smartphone, tablet, computer or any internet-enabled device to control and monitor your home, no matter where you are!


Why do you need to install home automation system in your home?

Apart from the ease and convenience of being able to control and monitor lights, door locks, garage doors and much more from wherever you are, a home automation system can also help you save! For example, you can control and manage energy usage in your home to save on energy costs. And, if there’s a water leak in your home, you’re notified immediately and can turn off the water supply remotely to prevent damage, saving on major repair costs.

Get the total peace of mind you need.

If you care for any older or sick relatives at home, you can monitor their activity and get notified immediately if they leave the house or check cameras remotely to ensure their safety while you’re not there. With a home automation system your home will always be in sync with you, wherever you are. And, you can control it all right from the palm of your hand!

By installing a home automation system, you make yours a ‘smart home’. But, as you can see from the many benefits, you’re just as smart to install one.

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