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Reduce Your Home Heating Oil Bill This Winter

With the cold weather approaching, it’s surely time to bundle up. Hats, scarves, gloves, winter jackets. And yes, heating for your home. It is estimated that roughly 30% of your home energy budget goes to heating your home. Seems like a lot doesn’t it? Well here are several ways to reduce your home heating oil costs this winter. Most of these suggestions you can do yourself with little to no effort, and some require professional support.  Here are our top 10 ways to save:

  1. Clean or replace your furnace filter often during the heating season. Furnaces use less energy if they “breathe” more easily. Follow instructions in your furnace manufacturer’s manual.
  2. Have your heating system tuned and inspected by a service professional before the heating season. Heat losses from a poorly maintained system add up over time, sometimes at a rate of 1% to 2% a year.
  3. Keep furniture, carpeting and curtains from blocking heat registers and air return ducts. Let that hot air flow!
  4. When replacing your furnace, look for one that’s at least 90 percent efficient. Check out our equipment options here.
  5. On nights when it’s not too chilly, turn your heat down and add an extra blanket for warmth.

6. Close your attic, basement, and exterior doors to prevent cold drafts and keep in heat.

7. Hot air rises, so turn your ceiling fan on at a low speed to circulate the warm air. Don’t worry, as long as the fan is on low it won’t create a chilling breeze, it’ll just spread the heat more evenly and make you feel more comfortable.

8. Your stove or oven may not always be the best choice! Small appliances, such as crockpots and electric frying pans, and your microwave oven may be more energy efficient.

9. Choose light bulbs carefully. Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) use 75 percent less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and last 10 times longer.

10. Open the oven door to peek at food inside and you’ll lose 25 degrees to 75 degrees of heat. It’s best to look through the window or wait until the food is almost done before opening the door.

It’s also best to make sure that you’re on the best pricing plan for your needs. See if your heating provider offers an option for a budget plan. We offer fixed pricing, variable pricing, and smart pay options to help our customers get the most for their money.

Looking for even more suggestions on how to cut down on your home heating oil bill?  Check out our website here for more information.

  1. Source: Consumers Energy