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Petro helps Sacred Heart in Pascoag, Rhode Island

8-Stage Oil System

New 8-Stage Oil System for Sacred Heart
Provinicial Community!

Sacred Heart Provincial Community stays warm and saves with a unique energy-saving heating system solution.

The Brothers of the Sacred Heart Provincial Community, in Pascoag, Rhode Island is a retirement community for Catholic School clergy, that's often referred to as a monastery.

The Community building's 59-year-old boilers were failing and it became clear that they required a new oil heating system that could provide enough energy to heat the large and deliver longer-term energy savings.

As the Community's oil provider for years, Petro Home Services knew exactly what was needed and designed a unique, multiple unit heating system and energy-saving solution that satisfied all of their specific requirements.

Learn how our team devised and installed this unique heating system and how it's helping the community save ›

The Petro Home Services team were delighted to help improve the lives of the residents, as well as the energy-savings, of one of Rhode Island's religious communities. Using our expertise like his is just another way of illustrating how much we value, support and help enrich the communities we live and work in every day.

Thank you to all of our Rhode Island team!

Old and New Petro Boiler System for Sacred Heart