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Petro helps RI family in need through Operation Warm Home

Petro helps Rhode Island family in need. Check us out on ABC6! 

Petro is committed to helping Southern New Englanders in need, especially during the cold winter months. Making a difference in the community is important to us and we were happy to participate in Operation Warm Home, a program launched by ABC6 to help families without heat throughout Rhode Island.

The program launched January 18, 2011 and since then the station has received dozens of e-mails from viewers living without heat. With local teams who live and work in the area, Petro understands how cold it can get during Rhode Island winters. It was with pleasure that we promptly dispatched a delivery truck out to facilitate the transfer of oil from a very generous neighbor to a family in need, filling up their oil tank and providing heat to their home.

Take a look at this special delivery below:

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