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Homeowners 101: Basic Plumbing Maintenance Tips

A little preventive maintenance can keep your home’s systems healthy and help you avoid serious problems and major expense. As with automobiles and even your own body, scheduling regular checkups and following recommended guidelines for use are vital components to ensuring long life and reliable service. Here are some basic...Continue reading

home automation

What is home automation? And why you need a system in your home now.

The concept of controlling home devices remotely has been around for years in science fiction movies and TV shows. However, now it is very much a reality with more and more homeowners enjoying the control, features and benefits of having … Continue reading


Here’s a handy checklist for winterizing your home.

Getting your home ready for the winter may seem a bit daunting. It’s critical to make sure that all items in your home are in top shape and running smoothly. The last thing you want to worry about is a … Continue reading


Central AC 101 For Homeowners: Troubleshooting Tips

It is officially summer! And that means it’s do-or-die time for your central air conditioning system. If you’ve just cranked yours up and feel that it’s not running at peak performance, there could be several reasons why. Continue reading


Whole house or portable generators – What’s the difference?

Article that covers the differences in portable vs. whole house generators and finding out what is the best size for you and your family. Continue reading


What is an energy audit and do I really need one?

Covers why an energy audit is important and what will be done during the audit itself. Continue reading