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Get to Know Your Customers Day

Get to know your customers dayIt’s our favorite day again! The day that we really look forward to every few months: Get To Know Your Customers Day!

The reason it’s our favorite holiday is because it provides us with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate those people who ultimately keep our company successful – our customers!

Every day at Petro Home Services, we strive to understand the wants and needs of our customers. That is the point in which we achieve our goal of providing the best customer experience. However, for Petro Home Services, getting to know a customer goes above and beyond your standard level of service. We want to share a few examples of how team members at Petro Home Services have done that this year:

Nuns in a NYC convent had no heat and needed service immediately. When our technician arrived, the nuns explained that one of their parishioners was experiencing an emergency and they would need to leave the convent for a few hours to assist the parishioner. The technician made special arrangements with the dispatcher to return later that day to repair the heating system. Before leaving the technician gave the nuns two $50 gift cards that he had received from Petro Home Services in recognition for providing exceptional service at work. He asked the nuns to use the gift cards to help the parishioner who was experiencing the emergency. The nuns were very moved by his kind gesture. As promised, the technician returned to the convent later that day and repaired the heating system.

A Petro Home Services delivery driver arrived at a customer’s home to deliver oil when he smelled and noticed smoke billowing from the roof of the house next door. He immediately alerted the customer’s next door neighbors who were inside the home but unaware of the smoke. The fire department was contacted and arrived shortly thereafter. The delivery driver’s quick actions resulted in saving the three adults and two young children who were in the home. The emergency response teams determined that an electrical fire started in the attic and the family was very fortunate that the driver took action. The family was very grateful.

A customer had a maintenance issue that needed to be addressed by the service department. The customer inadvertently dialed the Petro Home Services sales department. A sales team member took ownership of the customer’s inquiry instead of immediately transferring the customer to a different department. After a better understanding of the reason for the call, the sales team member was able to follow-up with the appropriate department and partnered with others internally to resolve the customer’s problem. The customer questioned why the sales team member didn’t just transfer her to the correct department. Our sales team member informed the customer that even though she is in sales it is her job to make sure that every customer is well taken care of in the most efficient and effective way possible. She didn’t want the customer to be transferred and placed on hold again. The customer expressed how grateful she was for the above and beyond customer service.

This is the kind of local, personalized customer service and support that all of our employees strive to provide to customers every single day. That’s why we think this special holiday allows us to reflect on the importance of getting to know our customers! Like friends and family, customers should be celebrated more (like every day).

Thanks to our customers for letting us get to know you! Happy #GetToKnowYourCustomerDay!