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Generous listeners match Petro's oil giveaway to help local Poughkeepsie families in need.

The biggest gift anyone can give during the holiday season, is giving back to the local community, by helping others enjoy the home comforts that we take for granted. In this spirit, Petro gave Poughkeepsie radio station WPHD three vouchers for $200 in free oil. These were given to three local families in need, who wrote into the WPHD website to share the reasons why they, their neighbors or loved ones, deserved one of the free oil vouchers. Right after WPHD picked the three winners from the over 30 nominees, the radio station got calls live on-air, from generous local listeners who wanted to match what Petro gave, pledging to buy $200 in free oil for many of the other families who were nominated but didn't win. Petro ensured that the oil was delivered to all of families, too ensuring that they kept warm and comfortable for a few months this winter. Petro is always delighted to help local families in need and wants to thank all of the very generous listeners who called in to help us with this important community program.

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