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Don’t know how to program your thermostat? Practice here!

I have to be really honest here. It’s fact, I don’t know how to program my thermostat. There, I’ve admitted it. Last Saturday, I woke up freezing and couldn’t understand why, since during the week the temp is always just about right. After checking the thermostat, I realized it was programmed for the week and I had no distinction between my Monday through Friday schedule vs. my weekend schedule. Worse still, I didn’t know how to change it! After telling others about my problem, I realized that there are more “technically challenged” people out there than I thought who have, at some point, had had some difficulty programming their thermostats, too. But, it really does pay to learn how!

It’s no secret that heating and cooling your home accounts for the bulk of your energy usage which can be upwards of $1,000 annually.  Having a programmable thermostat is a smart way of controlling how you use energy and can save you hundreds of dollars a year. Some of the latest models offer easier control, digital displays and you can even communicate with them via the Internet. (I’m not there yet!)  Lowering the heating system or air conditioning system’s temperature when nobody is home uses a lot less energy than normal, which means a whole lot more money in your pocket. By allowing someone to program a specific schedule, the thermostat will turn off your HVAC system when they aren’t needed.

So, now that you know the benefits of a programmable thermostat you’re probably still wondering how to set it.  While every thermostat is slightly different, we found this really cool interactive site where you can practice setting your thermostat.  It helped me figure out my programmable thermostat, so why not do the same, check it out and find out how easy it is to set yours. It’ll be worth it!


TIP: Did you know that for every degree the thermostat is set below 72 degrees, you will save approximately 3% on your energy bill?