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5 Spring Cleaning Tips that Can Truly Save Your Life

Spring cleaning tipsIt’s hard to imagine spring is around the corner when winter is still going strong. However, spring cleaning time is approaching more rapidly than it may seem! Here are some tips to make your spring cleaning chores more effective this year:

Use a Clothing Steamer to Kill Bacteria

Often, there are excess bacteria and viruses left over from winter that are still attached to your clothing, furniture, and/or drapes. Bacteria can be harmful to your entire family, but especially to senior or older guests, as well as very young children that visit or live in your home. A simple, low cost clothes steamer will get rid of the little critters and sanitize your home. You should also wipe down any hard surface furniture with anti-bacterial wipes in order to get your home ready this spring.

Get Your Heating System Tuned Up

To keep your heating or HVAC system operating efficiently, you should have your furnace and A/C systems tuned up annually. This examination and tune up may indicate to the tech expert whether your system has any serious issues that may lead to escaping carbon monoxide, which can threaten the health of your family members.

If your annual tune up does not expose any problems, you will benefit when winter rears its ugly head again. Your heating system will keep operating in an eco-friendly fashion by burning fuel with efficiency. Even older systems will operate at around 80 percent or above as a result of this annual cleaning and tuning.

Have Your Chimney Swept

Even if your home lacks a wood burning fireplace, your chimney can get dirty after a winter of your heating system working to keep your family warm. There are various forms of debris that can build up on the inside of your chimney, potentially causing carbon monoxide poisoning. If you have a wood stove or fireplace, your chimney can suffer creosote buildup, which is a well-known house fire hazard.

It’s vital to have your chimney cleaned at least once per year by a licensed and insured professional. While you may not need your fireplace, wood stove, or heating system during the summer months, your chimney will be ready to avoid the ravages of winter after you have it cleaned properly.

Never Mix Cleaning Chemicals or Cleaning Products

You might think that while some cleaning products do a good job by themselves, they be may even better if they’re combined with another good product. Wrong! Some cleaning products contain chemicals that do not react well with each other, sometimes even having fiery reactions.

An examples of a harmful chemical reaction is combining any drain cleaner products. Many experts recommend not using one powerful drain cleaner right after another. This chemical reaction can be harmful to your plumbing. If one product doesn’t work, do not try another – instead, call a plumber.

Two chemical reactions that are more harmful to people instead of your home are mixing bleach and vinegar, and mixing bleach and ammonia (or any glass cleaner). If you mix bleach and vinegar, you’ll find yourself coughing, having trouble breathing, and potentially burning eyes. Similarly, never mix bleach and ammonia (or any glass cleaner)! You’ll create chloramine, which is a toxic gas. Your eyes will burn, you’ll experience shortness of breath, and possibly, chest pains. Finally, always keep chemicals stored properly and out of reach from children.

Never Leave Cleaning Rags Around

Whether you use cloth or paper towels to clean, do not leave your cleaning utensils lying around or within 3 to 4 feet of a heat source. If you have young children you need to properly store chemicals and used rags out of their reach.

There have also been several reports of rags soaked in Linseed oil, or Flaxseed oil, which is common in many household cleaners, actually spontaneously combusting when left piled up. These fires can even occur after rags have been washed and dried! Therefore, we recommend throwing away any rags that have been contaminated with Linseed oil, and storing dry rags in a safe container where they will not come into contact with this oil.

Hopefully these tips will help you and your family get ready for spring this year. For more information about how to get your home in shape, don’t hesitate to contact Petro Home Services today!