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Save on your electricity bills!

Save on your electricity bills!

Now Petro can help you get highly competitive rates on electricity bills, too!

Recent energy services deregulation now means that your local utility company is no longer your only option for electricity supply, which helps you with competitive pricing. That’s why we are excited to announce our new strategic alliance with U.S. Gas & Electric, its subsidiaries and family of companies (“USG&E”), one of the nation’s fastest growing energy providers, to offer our customers the opportunity to receive highly competitive rates on their electricity bill!


Get a 15% REBATE on your highest month's electricity supply charge following a 12-month billing cycle!*

As of November 2011, the USG&E family of brands has saved over $32 million for their customers!

By enrolling your residence into the USG&E energy program, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Highly competitive energy prices – USG&E offers variable rate programs that can react quickly to market changes that affect your energy costs
  • 15% rebate on your single highest month’s supply charge after 12 months of service with USG&E (subject to terms and conditions of the rebate program)
  • No long-term contract or termination fees
  • Seamless transfer from your current supplier

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*Visit for complete terms and conditions.