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Hurricane Sandy Projection Watch

Hurricane Sandy

A major storm is heading our way. Make sure that you're prepared for it!

The latest weather forecasts are predicting very powerful rain, winds and maybe even snow for our area, which could impact us in the form of power outages and flooding. We want to make sure that you're prepared and, more importantly, that you stay safe as the storm passes through.

Remember, we're here for you, whatever the weather. Contact us to help with any of your emergency needs, 24/7!

Tips on how you can prepare for the arrival and deal with the storm:

  • Make sure that sump pumps are working effectively and ensure that any battery back up system is ready should you need it during a power outage.
  • Charge all battery-powered devices in your home and make sure that any generators are working effectively to support you during any potential power outages.
  • Ensure that all drainage areas outside and inside your home are clear.
  • Top off gas tanks. If power is knocked out, gas pumps and ATMs won't work.
  • Have a working flashlight and batteries handy.
  • Have a battery-operated radio (to be able to listen to news reports about the storm).
  • Fill drug prescriptions.
  • Have a first-aid kit at home.
  • Stock supplies of water and nonperishable food for 5 days. An adequate water supply is 1 gallon of water per person per day.
  • Stock baby formula and diapers, if there are babies at home.
  • Heed evacuation orders from the Office of Emergency Management.

We hope that you, your family and home are not affected by the hurricane as it passes through our area. Please stay safe and please check out these other important links about Hurricane Irene's path and more important tips and advice:

- The Weather Channel

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